Molds & Plastic Machinery with 35 years experience in buying and selling molds now offers to build New Molds with qualified and reliable tool makers from the USA, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan, or China.
We can make the mold you require at the right price for you.

1. Mold surfaces will be from agreed to materials and treated to the agreed value of hardness, usually
a mini a minimum of 34 - 38 HRC

2. Molds will be engineered with sufficient cooling lines to produce good quality parts
with reasonable cycle times

3. That ejector pins will be guided and functional parts will be nitrite & heat treated to at least 48 HRC.

4. Leader pins will have their respective bushings and slides must have wear plates and
hardened to at least 48 HRC.

5. Where applicable molds should have taper locks with adjustable wear plates to center the core.

6. Molds will be shipped with parting line locks

7. Molds will have removable inserts for logo application when requested.

8. Customer name, part number, mold number, and weight will be stamped on the mold.
If more than one cavity each cavity will be numbered.

9. All molds will have adequate provisions for handling with sufficient eye bolt holes on 4 sides.