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PCT Series – Counter Flow Cooling Towers

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Protec round, fiberglass cooling towers are available for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

Our cooling towers are manufactured with non-corrosive materials, which result in a longer
life with minimum maintenance. Protec Cooling Towers do not rot or rust like conventional
towers because all main parts are fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) and rigid poly-vinyl
chloride (PVC). This eliminates the need for painting and repairs, reducing maintenance
cost and guaranteeing long dependable service.

The efficiency of the round, bottle-style Protec Cooling Tower is not only thermal, but
operational, a fact that one should seriously take into consideration when choosing a
cooling tower. Our 360 degree air intake and lower face velocity through the fill offers less
air resistance, therfore requiring less motor horsepower than other cooling towers, and
guaranteeing considerable electric energy savings.

All fan motors are water-proof and totally enclosed. (TEFC & TEAO). All fan blades are
reinforced nylon, aluminum alloy or fiberglass (FRP) with adjustable pitch. Blade pitch is
pre-set and balanced at factory.

The efficiency of a cooling tower depends upon its fill. The Protec Fill is made of rigid PVC film of flame retardant quality with high heat exchange efficiency. This fill is suitable for operation with inlet water temperature up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54°C).

The High efficiency fill reduces the motor input HP and assures uniform distribution of water, with minimum resistance to air flow.

The inlet water pressure will rotate the sprinkler pipes to distribute the water evenly over the entire surface of the fill, ensuring maximum performance capability. Protec’s sprinkler pipes have non-clog openings and are corrosion resistant. Distribution headers for models up to PCT-80 are constructed of polyacetal, and for larger models, bronze.
A water eliminator blade is located above each water distribution pipe to avoid carry-over of water.

For smaller towers, the support stand is made of fiberglass (FRP). For the larger models, all steel members are hot dip galvanized. Stainless steel parts are also available as an option.
Note: All fastners are standard. Stainless Steel on all models.

The FRP casing and basin are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of five years. The rest of the components are guaranteed for a period of one year. Five years are available at an additional cost. When returned to PROTEC with transportation prepaid, all parts found by factory inspection to be defective will be repaired or replaced without charge, FOB our plant.

No liability will be assumed for loss or damage resulting from the misuse of our products. Also, operating conditions should be in accordance with the name plate on the tower.

1. Pump head is obtained by adding resistance of piping, pressure drop of equipment and cooling tower.

2. Spring Vibration Isolators cannot be installed directly underneath the support legs. Please contact the factory for installation details of your specific application.

3. Our model numbers are equivalent to tons when the selection is based on 3GPM/TON at 95°F inlet water
temperature, 85°F outlet water temperature and 75°F ambient wet bulb temperature.

4. For motors 7.5 HP and above, installation of stardelta or soft start starter is recommended.


6. The cooling tower must be located at such distance and direction to avoid the possibility of contaminated tower discharge air being drawn into building fresh air intake ducts. It is recommended to consult with a Licensed Professional Engineer to certify the location of the cooling tower.

7. Water Treatment must be supplied and/or applied by a professional in the field in order to avoid fill damage. It is the user’s/owner’s responsibility to treat the water in order to stop biological contaminations and avoid, among other bacterium, the Legionnaire’s Disease.

For inquiries about PROTEC Cooling Towers, please contact our local representative or our engineering
department and specify the following conditions:

a) circulating water flow
b) circulating water inlet temperature
c) circulating water outlet temperature
d) ambient wet bulb temperature
e) power source-voltage / phase / frequency

The capacities shown in this chart are for guidance purpose only and are the maximum each model can
handle when 3 GPM of water per ton enter 95°F and leave 85°F. Please refer to the wet bulb of the area
where the cooling tower will operate.

For other values, please consult our local representative or our engineering department.

A. Cooling towers shall be induced-draft, bottle type design with 360 degree air inlet, axial fan and vertical discharge as manufactured by PROTEC COOLING TOWERS, INC. model PCT-____ flow rates, capacities, and
design temperatures shall be as indicated on the drawings.

B. Tower manufacturer must be a member of Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) and towers shall be rated based
on results from performance tests to guarantee capacity.

C. Structural framework and casing panels shall be designed for operating loads. Casing shall be molded of corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) material. The casing panels shall be one-piece type, or multi-segment type and arranged to allow easy access to the fill media.

D. Water basin shall be molded of corrosionresistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) material. Basin shall be one piece type, or if multi-segment type. Basin shall be provided with connections for: water inlet, water outlet, water make-up quick-fill, overflow and drain.

E. The following accessories shall be included: strainer, water make-up valve with float, and adjustable water level device.

F. Fill shall be polyvinyl chloride (PVC) arranged in a circular configuration. Fill material shall be of flame retardant quality as per ASTM standard E-84 with flame spread rating of 25 or less and shall be resistant to rot, decay or biological attack.

G. Fan shall be multi-blade adjustable pitch axial type, (1)_______ /construction. Fan and shaft shall be supported by heavy duty, relubricatable ball bearings with special moisture proof seals, grease packed, self-aligning with integral slinger rings. All bearings shall be designed for a minimum life of 40,000 hours. Fan assembly shall be (2) driven. Fan motor shall be TEFC/TEAO, rated as indicated on the
drawings and not more than H.P. The motor and fan assembly shall be supported on a structural steel
support. A suitable fan guard shall be provided.

H. Water distribution shall be provided through a rotating sprinkler head system. The rotating sprinkler head
shall be (3)______ , sprinkler pipe shall be rigid PVC.

I. Provide air inlet (4)_____ 360° around the casing, constructed of (5)______ with UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors.

J. A ladder to allow inspection and accessibility to the fan motor and upper portion of the tower cell shall be provided for models PCT-60 and larger.

K. All fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) materials shall contain UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors and an exterior gel coat.

L. All fasteners shall be stainless steel and the rest of the metal components shall be (6)____________ .

(1) Models PCT-8 through PCT-50 Plastic Models PCT-60 through PCT- 700 Aluminum Alloy Models PCT-800
through PCT-1000 Fiberglass

(2) Models PCT-8 through PCT-200 Direct Models PCT-250 through PCT-500 Belts (Gear Optional) Models
PCT-600 through PCT-1000 Gear

(3) Models PCT-8 through PCT-80 Plastic Models PCT-100 through PCT-1000 Bronze

(4) Louvers or Screens

(5) Louvers are constructive of fiberglass (FRP) Screens are constructed of PVC

(6) Galvanized or Stainless Steel

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